How to Commission Me

1. Decide what you want from the Commission Page

2. Email me with your details

To make it easy I made this form:

Name *
Which type are you ordering?
Add any details about the image you want here. References can be emailed or linked.

You can also click on the products page to be taken directly to the product. You will be able to complete your purchase via squarespace that way.

3. Approve sketches that I send to you.

I will use the email you provide to send you sketches and ideas. You will need to choose and approve them before I continue with your purchase. I also make it a point to show you the progress to see how it's going.

4. I will finish the product and email it to you!

If purchasing a printed product I will send you the digital copy to approve before printing. You get to keep a high-quality digital image if you want to print it yourself. the only thing you're not able to do with it is resell it.

5. Enjoy!