How to Commission Me

1. Once you know what you want, email me.

You can see what I have to offer by viewing my gallery or my “commission me” page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask!

2. We’ll discuss ideas and sketches

I’ll let you know how much the piece might be, and we’ll discuss what you want exactly in the email.

3. I’ll send you sketches to approve

I will use the email you provide to send you sketches. You will need to choose and approve them before I continue.

4. Then I’ll work on your commission

Painting, drawing, designing will be done in this phase.

5. I’ll check in often

As I go, I’ll email you images of my progress.

6. Any changes or tweaks you want will be done as it goes

The point of checking in is to give you an opportunity to make changes. If you get to the final product and THEN want to change something, it may cost more money.

7. You must approve the final image before payment

8. I’ll send an invoice

I normally use Paypal or Square. You can use both even if you don’t have an account—as long as you have a card!

9. I’ll email or mail the final product!

I will either email a final image to you, or mail you a printed copy, depending on what you want. The final includes:
•Digital Image File (PNG or JPEG)
•Full-size print ready digital image file (PDF)
•(optional) Mailed original or mailed print


Client Info:
Phone: (Optional)
Address: (If you’re getting a physical product)

Commission Details:
Type of Artwork wanted:
Size needed:
Digital or Traditional: (leave this blank if you want the artist to choose)
If Digital, do you want me to print it?: Yes/I will find my own printer

Please list/link/email any references, photos, or ideas. And/or describe your vision of the piece here. Include thought on pose, background, mood, theme, and action where applicable:


My rights:

  • I have the right to refuse any commission.

  • I retain the copyright to all illustrations I make. This means I can display it in any of my websites, print it for my gallery, or use it in promotions for my services.

Your rights:

  • You retain all ownership to any design, character, or world you ask me to illustrate. You are basically giving me permission to draw them, and display them on my sites as examples of my work.

  • You may ask for a commission NOT to be displayed on my sites or physical galleries.

  • You have the right to print it out for personal use, but may NOT resell or a commission unless you have permission from me.

  • You may alter an illustration for social media, as long as you are not selling the image.

Commission Process Related:

  • Unlisted Commission Types: If you’re looking for something I don’t have listed above, ask! I also do comics, design work, and large scale worldbuilding and concept art!

  • Extreme Detail: An Illustration may be more money the more complex you want it. If you are unsure of what extreme detail means, ask about it. I don’t bite!

  • Payment Plans: Payment plans are available for expensive commissions! This usually means that half is to be paid up front and the rest after the final is approved.

  • Accepted Payments: Paypal (+3% fee), Square (+3% fee), Check or Money orders (at your risk). Paypal and Square both accept cards if you do not have an account with them. Invoices will be sent to your email.

  • Cancellation: You may cancel a non-sketch commission at any time, but there is a $10 fee after I’ve started work on it. (I will be willing to waive the fee for emergency situations ONLY)

  • Refunds: Because payment is required AFTER the final product has been accepted by client and artist, I do not offer refunds. I am perfectly fine with discussing a payment plan.