General Questions


What do you do?
Mainly I illustrate art for people. Specifically, I create images for stories, blogs, websites, houses, and products as per a client's request. I also write fantasy novels.

Where did you go to school?
I went to Lord Fairfax Community College for Fine Arts, and Shepherd University for Graphic Design. However, this isn't where I learned the majority of my skills--I learned most of it outside of school. I am mostly self taught and have been drawing from the time I learned to scribble.

Where can I learn to do what you do?
I'll have a few tutorials up soon, but my usual advice is to keep writing or drawing everyday. Everyone says practice makes perfect, but I believe you have to get past a certain 'crap' period before you see results. Most people quit before that.


Commission Related


How do I commission you/get personalized or custom art?


Art Related

What is a Simple Background?
Any of these:
•designs or shapes
•abstract color
•short depth of field (grassy plain,sky,room with no frills, one or two trees, etc.)

What is a Complex Background?
Basically anything that is not a simple background. This takes longer and so costs more. Examples are:
•Anything with depth (mountains in the background, atmospheric perspective, forest, cityscapes)
•Anything with complex figures or objects in the background

What is Painterly?
Painterly is like saying "almost painted". In digital art it's usually used for a semi-realistic image, and can look almost like oil or acrylic. My painterly is usually of the "speedpaint" style.

What are your terms and conditions?

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