My Commission Examples

Below are most of the commission types that I offer. If you’re looking for something that is not listed, email me! I’m willing to try just about anything and I love to learn new techniques!


Sketch $10+
quick, rough images. Pencil sketch or digital pencil. Monotone.

Colored Sketch $15+
Roughly colored image with sketch lines visible. Energetic lines with unpolished or flat color.

Lineart $20+
clean image with black lines and minimal shading. Good for coloring pages and templates.

Fully Rendered Subject $30+
Colored illustrations in a painterly style or cleanly lined image.

Fully Rendered Scene $50+
Colored Illustration with one or more subjects in action. Ideal for book or story scenes. Price based on complexity.

Poster 16x20

Book Cover $80+
Comes with front and back cover illustration in your desired size. Fully illustrated Fantasy or Scifi book covers.

Pet Portrait $60—$150
Personalized image of your pet. Painterly style, comparable to Fully Rendered Subject. Can come in Fullbody and Partial body with a simple background or scene. Dogs, Cats, and Horses are best, but other pets and livestock are accepted.

Landscape $100+
Digitally painted landscape. Can come in speedpaint, painterly, or cartoon styles. No subjects

Speedpaint Illustration $150+
Fully rendered but rough image. Includes subject and environment. Ideal for web images.

Extremely Detailed Full Illustration $200+
Fully Rendered Subject and detailed Environment. Full Resolution and optimized for printing.

Design Work 12.50 per hr
Design work can be logos, signs, print design, website design (not coding), or more.