My Commission Examples

Below are most of the commission types that I offer. If you’re looking for something that is not listed, email me! I’m willing to try just about anything and I love to learn new techniques! If you’re confused, click the link below to learn how to order art from me:

Base Prices and Samples

Sketch $10+
quick, rough images. Pencil sketch or digital pencil. Monotone.

Colored Sketch $15+
Roughly colored image with sketch lines visible. Energetic lines with unpolished color.

Lineart $20+
clean image with black lines and minimal shading. Good for coloring pages and templates.

Fully Rendered Subject $30+
Colored illustrations in a painterly style or cleanly lined image. No environment. Single subject.

Fully Rendered Scene $50+
Colored Illustration with one or more subjects in action. Ideal for book or story scenes. Price based on complexity.

Poster 16x20

Book Cover $80+
Comes with front and back cover illustration in your desired size. Fully illustrated Fantasy or Scifi book covers. With or without design.

Pet Portrait $60—$150
personalized image of your pet. Painterly style, comparable to Fully Rendered Subject. Can come in Fullbody and Partial body with a simple background or scene. Dogs, Cats, and Horses are best, but other pets and livestock are accepted.

Landscape $100+
Digitally painted landscape. Can come in speedpaint, painterly, or cartoon styles. No subjects

Speedpaint Illustration $150+
Fully rendered but rough image. Includes subject and environment. Ideal for web images.

Extremely Detailed Full Illustration $200+
Fully Rendered Subject and detailed Environment. Full Resolution and optimized for printing.