"Cringe" Art?

So I never really understand what people mean by cringe culture. I had to look it up. I found that it is mainly people attacking others in fandoms for creating horrible and mostly inaccurate stereotypes of people in the fandom.

What makes art bad anyhow? According to textbooks—nothing! You learn in art school that art is the eye of the beholder and every movement has rules that people break.

Even professionals call attention to bad topics by making art about them. Because I went to a contemporary art school, we were encouraged to explore political and social topics. One guy in our books peed in a jar and called it art!

Every person goes through stages in life where they explore. Telling someone they aren’t allowed to explore something so innocuous as art, is really immature. It also stunts a person’s growth if they skip a developmental phase. And as art is an expression of that phase, they should be able to do it.



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