Why I became an Artist

I’ve always been drawing, ever since I was a kid. My mom jokes I came out of the womb drawing. I even remember countless days just scribbling before I made a decent drawing.

I decided exactly what I wanted to do with it in high school. Someone had come to our school from an art school, and she told me my likes corresponded to a graphic designer. I loved to draw comic back then, but I also loved to make imaginary brochures and logos.

It changed in college, and is still changing. I wasn’t strictly a graphic designer like all my classmates were. Even now I’m more of an illustrator.

I found I’m no good in a 9 to 5 job. I tried a few jobs, but I always get frustrated at a fundamental level at each one. Sitting for hours NOT drawing is infuriating, and drawing for corporate needs is boring.

I love the wide range of abilities I have. Reading to learn was always a problem for me in school, so learning history or a new skill was slow. However my ability to pick up and teach myself a new medium is outstanding, and I amaze myself every time. I guess I really am destined to be an artist

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