My Biography and Artist Statement

I’ve been struggling with my biography for a looooong time. In college we were required to write it on our student websites for a grade. I ended up with a generic one:

“Rebecca Gowdy was born in suburban Winchester, Virginia in the summer of 1989. Her family has always joked that she came out of the womb drawing and has been doing anything art related since childhood. It wasn’t until high school that her love of “making things pretty” turned into a pursuit of a design career. In 2013 she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Art concentrating in Graphic Design at Shepherd University. Rebecca specializes in illustration, but her strengths also lie in typography layout and identity design. Rebecca hopes to go into the comic book business, writing and illustrating graphic novels, but can see herself doing most anything. Ideally, she wants to bring design to the more rural areas of the Shenandoah Valley. “ But then I realized it wasn’t me. I tried to fix it, but ended up still not liking it. I even used a dumbed down version for a professional summary:

“A creative and motivated graphic designer and photographer in offering strong attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Works independently and has experience in supervising team projects. Strengths include utilizing graphic design software to create recognizable and trusted brands with event marketing in mind.”

However, something I still am happy about is writing a mission statement from my community college days.

*“I am a daughter. I am a student. I am a trusted friend. My life reflects my passion. My passions comes from my actions. My actions define who I am. I am created by God. I am the created, yet I create. I will follow in the footsteps of the Artist’s Artist. I will be open to new ideas. I will always see the world with wonder. I will always create.

I may walk a dangerous road, but I will not fear the future. I will never stop learning. I will always remember to listen before I speak. I will always see life as precious; it is not my job to judge a life. I will treat myself with purity and grace. I will treat other with what I treat myself.

I am a creator. I am a storyteller. I am a comic book artist. I am a photographer. I am a painter. I am a designer. I am a sketcher. I am a fantasy writer. I hold whole worlds in my head. I see the world as inspiration. I see the world as my canvas. I am a visionary.

If my vision no longer suits me I will transform it. If my vision no longer suits someone else I will fight for it. My skills are not static. An artist is not stagnant. An artist fails, and learns, and succeeds. If I fail I will try again. There is always more than a second chance.

An artist brings dreams to life. I will bring dreams to life.” *