Art School

Remarkably I would not recommend art school to aspiring artists. It may be from my personal experiences but art school is the quickest way to kill real inspiration. As much as I loved learning about the “rules” of art and design, there are lasting issues that still stunt my growth.

Now everyone is different, and there are probably people who would be well suited for an art school. From what I’ve seen, the ones to get out unscathed are few and far between. I thought it took very little to injure my determination but it turned out that my depression really stunted my art career.

Depression hits more college age students today than before, and it’s growing. I fear that will not change much, unless there is a major revamp of university life.

But I will say this to my rising seniors: if you want to go to art school, don’t let people stop you. Art as a career is truly a noble path, and I wouldn’t change my own decision for anything. If you have the drive to get into the field, do it my whatever path you choose!