About Me


My name is Becca Gowdy but I go by Bex.

I am a writer, illustrator, adventurer, and eternal kid at heart. My art is always learning and evolving as I explore the world around me, but I specialize in fantasy illustration. I make art to capture windows into the imagination.

While I embrace new technologies with digital artwork, my main goal is to capture the feeling that nature gives me. I believe that being an artist is one reflection of God’s creative power and it is my goal to harness that.

If you would like to follow my current projects,  please consider:

When I was a kid I knew I always wanted to be an artist. My family jokes that I came out of the womb drawing, because I don’t really remember when I started. For the longest time I didn’t know exactly what kind of artist I’d be, until I got to high school. I discovered I loved graphic novels and telling stories through my drawing skills. I had always created long adventures on paper during my childhood and this seemed like the perfect career for me.

However, life had other ideas. I developed a deep depression in university when I was studying Graphic Design. It stunted my creative growth. I had convinced myself I wasn’t worthy to have it because I was too well-off to be sad. I felt I had no reason to be depressed. However, my personal passions for fantasy art and their stories kept me going.

Why I make digital art is still partially a mystery to me. I’ve always loved the natural world and animals, but just drawing landscapes or portraits seemed too boring to me. I wanted the fantastic. I wanted to look into the woods and see unicorns battling monsters. Some of it came from me wandering into the woods and pretending I was a hero, other times my inspiration came from books.