About Bex

I am from Winchester in Virginia in the United States, home of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I have always loved the nature of my home and how fantastic it is. Often, I imagined unicorns popping form the woods, dragons swooping over valleys, or strange creatures inviting you to play in the fields. 

Ever since I was young I had always been one for the made-up. It inspired me to get into folklore and I found a treasure trove of material for illustration. It's one of the reasons I started to love the deep fine art culture of Shenandoah where there was so much history in each brush stroke and handcraft!

Even though I excel in digital art, I try to mimic the character of hand made art. I love watercolor landscapes and inked drawings just as much as the special effect of drawing on a tablet.

I never seem to draw something real. Even when I do, whether it’s a realistic animal or a place, there’s something magical about it. I just can’t seem to let myself stay in reality. Fantasy is too exciting. It’s like I want to capture it in a bottle and give it to someone.