About Bex

I’m Becca Gowdy, but you can call me “Bex”.

I believe heavily in pursuing passion and I want to help others do the same. Life is no fun when you’re stuck in a job you hate.

Despite my passion for drawing, I am a storyteller at heart. Imagine my surprise when I went through six years of graphic design schooling to find out I’d rather write books. However, I’m determined to meld stories into my art and design.

Design Need a promo for you blog or site? Have a gig that needs some creative wording and fancy art? My talents range from posters and simple advertisements, to brochures and multi-page designs, to identity design, to packaging design. I highly enjoy branding and identity design like logos, and promotions as well.

Illustration This is my favorite service to provide. If you have a book needing pictures or a story that you want to see come to life, Bex is glad to help! She also provides simple to complex traditional and digital commissions.

Concept If you require a creative brain to design a character or parts of a world you are working on, why not hire me? I am fascinated by history, science, unique cultures, and odd nature, so my talents can lend to your vision. Concept work requires a lot of research and communication, but is one of the most rewarding and energetic creative projects. At the moment, I only provide concept work for sci-fi, fantasy, and animal related projects.

As said, I’ve gone through six years of graphic design instruction, to get a piece of paper that says I can do what I say I can do. However, I am a self taught illustrator. Sure, I pick up things here and there, but the drawing was culminated over years as a child through trial and error.

I had always known I was going to be an artist growing up but in college my dad shocked me as I was creating my first novel. He mentioned that he had “always seen my as a writer” and that’s when I had the idea to really marry the two.

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