General Information:
1. The Artist reserves the right to decline any commission before payment is recieved
2. The Artist retains rights to any commissioned work, which can/will be displayed on the artist's galleries
3. The Client may request progress images during any time in the progress of the commission
4. The Client is responsible for providing any reference materials needed, otherwise the Artist will use artistic liberty
5. If a deadline is needed, please provide the deadline in the first contact
6. The Artist will NOT sell the finished commission to another party, and the finished copy can be used by the Client for display purposes anywhere

Payment Information:
1. The Client is required to pay the agreed payment and payment method before getting the final product.
2. The Artist will provide the Cient with a small view of the product before they agree that it is finished.
3. Once the price is agreed upon, it is non-negotiable. The Client will be required to pay or their finished peice will be withheld.
4. The Client can use paypal to pay with any card even if they do not have a paypal account.
5. Please use the services option when paying with paypal

Base Prices:
Clean Line Art
Simple Shaded
Basic Color Sketch
Full Color, No Background
Full Color, Background
Sketched Comic Page
Full Comic Page

Headshots or smaller subjects may subtract from base price
Adding another subject: +50% of price
Extreme detail: +30% of price
Unlisted types: please see me
Paypal payment: +3% of price


If you like what you've seen so far, feel free to commission me!

Be aware! This form is not binding, either party can terminate the commission before payment and art is made.


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