About Bex

Bex is an alter ego for the mild-mannered Becca Gowdy. Bex is a visual storyteller in addition to a written one. Being half writer and half artist has challenges, but Bex has been creating stories in art since she could hold a crayon.

She has over fifteen years of experience as an Illustrator and seven as a Designer. Her style is semi-realistic, dream-like, and clean but very adaptive.

Email: bexgowdy[at]gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/BexGowdy

Tumblr: bexdesign.tumblr.com

Design Bex's talents range from posters and simple advertisements, brochures,  multi-page designs, to identity design, and packaging design. Due to her adaptive talents in fine arts, Bex challenges herself to meet your project needs.

Illustration This is Bex's favorite service to provide. If you have a book needing pictures or a story that you want to see come to life, Bex is glad to help! She also provides simple to complex traditional and digital commissions.

Photography Bex is experienced in Photography with a special passion for nature. She loves giving you creative images.

Copywriting Because her writing experience, Bex can create ad copy.

Contact Bex to discuss details, questions, and pricing information.